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Konnichiwa! Sorry for not updating this website in a while! ^_~ School has been eating up all my time, and writing for .com and other magazines have too. Of course, thanks to a lot of people helping me, I WILL be fixing up this website time and time again. You can also suggest things to me through the guestbookie. Thanks again! ^^ ~Katya-chan

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Picture Gallery and Icons:
Picture GalleryBlah... blah... blah... blah... blah... blah... Okay, these have my pictures of Digimon. There are cute plushies too! Click here to see more Digimon--oh, and people too!
Dark Rose Cafe:
Duh! Webmistress profiles and links to my other sites (tho they aren't as good as this one). Also the other clubs I'm joining, etc. Mmm, what else... Well, random stuff. My stories, etc.
CouplesFind out the couples I support in Digimon.... And the best couple in the Digital World... Taiora? Kenyako? Mimato? Daikari? Jerito? Henrika? Click here to find out about them!!!
Fan Fiction or Original Stories:
Everyone knows what Fanfiction is, ne?! They're stories written by the show's fans. Please send in your fanfiction and original stories if possible! Oh, no yaoi, ne? Send it to: That's my e-mail address here!
Recommended Sites:
These are sites by my friends. They're really great! I hope you take a look at these great Digimon sites and more! I accept any sites here, anyway! Oh, also the sites where I got some info. Domo arigato!
Some things you don't know about your favorite Chosen Children? I've got it about the Digidestined and their Digimon. If there are some facts I got wrong, please tell me right away! ^^ Thank you in advance.
Would you want to know more about Digimon? Here's the part where I answer some frequently asked questions about it. There are also some from actual people. You know where to send the questions, ne?
Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, Get Backers, and all the animes featured on this website, okay? I hope you've realized this a long time ago. ^^ Domo arigato to Saffy, Kira, Tito Rammy (so much!), Justin, Misoka, Kyza, Eri-chan and all the members in our "tribe"! ^^ I'll do my best! Omodetou!